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A Band Of Anglers




Patrick Sébile is one of the most accomplished anglers in the history of the world!  He is also an unparalleled, award-winning designer of innovative fishing lures, rods, reels and other fishing gear

Patrick has been inventing and creating fishing products since age 8 (1976). His creations have won 24 major industry awards (USA, Europe and Australia) and have sold tens of millions of units, worldwide. His incredible accomplishments include…

  • Has  caught 370+ records, including 34 IGFA world records
  • Has caught 778 different species of fish in 68 countries (#2 in IGFA’s “most species caught”)
  • Has appeared on nearly 200 magazine covers and in over 1,000 publications
  • Has hosted or guest-starred in more than 200 TV shows
  • Has written and published 7 books and over 800 articles
  • Has been a fishing guide and captain for almost 20 years


'A Band Of Anglers™’ (ABOA) is the creation of world-famous angler and renown lure designer, Patrick Sebile.  
Patrick Sebile has spent most of his 50 years fishing around the globe and designing revolutionary lures that catch more and bigger fish. Over his 32 years in the fishing tackle industry, Patrick became disillusioned by seeing fishing tackle companies become corporate, run by people who did not share his love and passion for fishing. Patrick created 'A Band Of Anglers' to be different than those other companies.
A Band of Anglers is a company.
A Band of Anglers is a concept.
A Band of Anglers is a WAY OF LIFE.
Members of 'A Band Of Anglers' are passionate anglers and good people. We aren’t all world record holders or tournament pros. But we are all passionate about fishing. Members of ABOA are employees. We are investors. We are friends. We are brothers and sisters. We are anglers who love and protect the sport of fishing and the beautiful waters in which our fish swim and thrive. We have that weird gene that makes us wake up on a late winter morning thinking about fishing. We smile when we set the hook on a solid fish and feel our rod bend. And we LOVE to fish the patent-pending lures designed and made by Patrick Sebile and his friends. 
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