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Flying Popper 140SK

5 3/8" 

2 3/4oz

#3/0 Hooks


The Flying Popper™ is a narrow-necked popper with greater casting distance and action! Shaped for castability and versatility, from still to rough waters, the Flying Popper™ is aerodynamically engineered to increase casting distance and experience tuned actions that bring in more fish.


The Flying Popper™ pops, spits, or walks, creating a tremendous bubble trail. It comes in Floating (FL), Sinking (SK), Super Long Distance (SLD), and Rocket Models. The SK and SLD offer a great swimming action, on a slow retrieve in little or no current with the SK and a slow-medium retrieve with the SLD. Also, the SLD can be jigged to reach fish at various depths, unique for a topwater lure!


You can’t catch fish you can’t reach!! Design elements such as side wings and low air friction ribs allow the Flying Popper™ to seemingly fly far away through the air, even under windy conditions. Catch the fish others can’t reach with the Flying Series!

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