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Rabid Baits


What do you get when you combine a fly fisherman, a tournament bass angler, and a finesse fishing addict? You get one of the most revolutionary soft plastics on the market.

Rabid Baits was developed in the small town of Poultney Vermont where three like minded individuals came up with a proprietary process to manufacture bait that combines the fish catching power of a hair jig with the versatility of soft plastics. 

The process/idea began as most did, at the kitchen counter, when the fly fisherman Bob sr, tried to enhance Bob jr's soft plastics. Bob jr was fishing in the FLW at the time and dad wanted to help. First attempt was inserting marabu into soft plastics with super glue. While it did look somewhat prehistoric it did have merit, but marabu has a terrible recovery. Then came multiple attempts inserting zonker material. The first worm looked more like a caterpillar and was refined by Bob jr who pulled together the process by what we now use to produce this unique and amazing bait. Enter Josh, our third partner, who organized the business model but also had a passion for bass fishing and Team Rabid Baits was born. Our team did what many have tried before, and created a manufacturing process to mass produce soft plastic lures injected with hair!

We can't thank our friend Jeff at Fish 307 enough, who encouraged us to push forward and even apply for the patent on Rabid Baits. Our first retail attempt was loose packaging sitting on the counter of his retail shop. It was winter and folks were using Rabid Baits to jig for lake trout through the ice. They sold fifty packs that first weekend and Rabid Baits was off and running!