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No more cutting and retying every time you want to insert a tube jighead—just thread this 4” hollow tube bait onto the hook and stretch the 10X Tough ElaZtech® material over the head to create the perfect jighead-tube combo with tentacles that float up off the bottom at rest like no other tube on the market!


About this product

Due to overwhelming customer demand, the super-effective tube profile is now available in our proprietary 10X Tough ElaZtech® material. Ideal for smallmouth fishing on northern lakes, skipping beneath mangroves for finicky snook in the Everglades, and everything in between, the EZ TubeZ™ are unlike any other tube on the market in that their tentacles rise up off the bottom at rest, rather than laying flat and motionless like traditional PVC tube baits. In addition, thanks to their durable construction, EZ TubeZ™ can be rigged with internal tube jigs without cutting and retying as the ElaZtech® body will stretch around the jighead without tearing.



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