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Available in hook sizes ranging from 2/0 all the way up to 12/0 to suit virtually all weedless ElaZtech® rigging needs, these weighted EWG swimbait hooks are built on the finest Mustad® hooks and feature molded keepers to prevent baits from sliding as well as expertly balanced keeled belly weights.


About this product

Designed to pair perfectly with ElaZtech® swimbaits and jerk baits of all sizes, ChinlockZ™ SWS (Snagless Weight System) weighted hooks are built on heavy-duty, extra wide gap Mustad® UltraPoint® hooks and feature a molded chin keeper that holds softbaits securely and prevents them from sliding out of place on hard casts and missed strikes. Each ChinlockZ™ hook features a precision molded lead weight affixed to the rear of the hook for perfect balance and to provide an enticing flutter on the fall. Ideal for fresh or saltwater, pairing the ChinlockZ™ with a size-matched ElaZtech® softbait allows anglers to target fish around cover like grass, laydowns, rock, shell, pads, or weeds without hanging up, or cover the top portion of the water column when conditions call for a slow sinking, horizontal bait presentation.



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