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The Googan Squad Micro Banger is a filthy square bill crankbait that is a necessity to add to your tackle box.  This micro-sized masterpiece is perfect for pulling out panfish, trout, and bass in ponds and creeks. 
The Googan Squad designed a variety of mouthwatering colors, creating an arsenal of cranks for all water types and conditions. All Googan Squad Crankbaits come with Mustad Triple Grip Hooks and their diving depth painted on the bottom of the bait.
Gear Recommendations:
Googan Squad Fluorocarbon 6-12lb
Medium power casting rod with a moderate action 
5.4:1 - 7.3:1 gear ratio casting reel
Product Specs
Length: 1 ½"
Weight: ⅛ oz
Diving Depth: 1-3"
Rattling: Yes
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