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Level of Play :

  • Performance

Calf :

  • Compress molded exposed foam and PE insert with D30 shot block protection
    Premium foam combined with PE inserts and D3O® impact and shock absorption technology for elite protection.

Knee Caps :

  • JDP cap with reinforced D30 smart material
    Pro level cap construction designed to disperse the force of impact away from the knee and D3O® impact and shock absorption technology.

Shin Cap :

  • Anatomical PE shin cap design with tape grove
    Pro strength PE shin cap and landing to lock in hockey tape.

Attachment :

  • Upper lock strap and length adjustable calf strap
    Customizable adjustment for a perfect snug fit for all calf sizes.

Liner :

  • Removable comfort liner with knee cut-out
    Obtain a custom fit with the removable comfort line for finding perfect level of comfort.
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