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**NEW** Trainer ball with TRI grip technology.  Gilbert's new patented Triangular surface grip pattern represents a major step forward in grip technology on training balls.  Tests have shown that this new more defined pattern is hard wearing and allows the player more surface area contact with the ball when handling.

  • 3 Ply poly-cotton and cotton laminate
  • Durable rubber surface
  • Hand stitched
  • Club, School, Junior and Mini

**For volume pricing (15-24pcs & 25+) please email  [email protected]**



There are a few variables into how long Gilbert Rugby balls last – Such as if the balls are used on turf vs grass or harder surfaces etc. Typically, Gilbert Rugby balls should last about one season – depending on how many times a week they are used, and how many balls are used each session these times may vary slightly. Teams may find that having more balls would help with how long they last, due to less wear and tear per ball but again, it depends on the amount of rugby being played and the quality of rugby at a play. Choosing a better-quality ball will obviously extend the life of the ball due to better quality ply, and grip. For example, the GTR3000 will not last as long as our GTR4000 as it has a 3 ply poly-cotton laminate while the GTR3000 only has a 2 ply poly-cotton laminate.


For best results, it is recommended that each season each team starts with a new set of balls. This will ensure the players are able to utilize their skills and accuracy and get the most out each practice and match!

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