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BORON, made popular by our AG5NT hockey stick, is headed to the crease.

Introducing the AG5NT Goal Stick, our lightest goal stick designed for elite goalies looking to gain an edge over their competition. Featuring revolutionary BORON materials strategically placed in key performance areas, the AG5NT Goal Stick will change your game as you know it. With the combination of elite-level goal stick technology and BORON’s lightweight properties and one-of-a-kind stiffness, there is simply no comparison to the AG5NT Goal Stick. 

Goalies, it’s your turn. Welcome to AG5NT. 

Key Features:

BORON FIBER TECHNOLOGY – Exclusive to BAUER, BORON material is strategically placed in the stick to reduce weight and provide a balanced feel.

ACL 2.0 Construction – Advanced Carbon Layering 2.0 features increased amounts of thin carbon layering to absorb and transfer impact energy efficiently.

LIGHT AS AIR – An ultra-lightweight construction can help you stay agile during high-pressure situations.

XE TAPER – A shorter, elliptical-shaped shaft is designed for better weight distribution and is modified to optimize agility.

PENTA-GRIP – Our signature VAPOR pentagonal shoulder grip allows for optimal comfort and control whenever you need it.

Quad-Bridge Paddle Technology – Quadruple-Stanchion construction through the paddle for structural reinforcement.

ConnecTech Handle – Lessens impact vibrations in the handle during stick saves. 

Round Toe TeXtreme® Blade with Hypercore – A TeXtreme® blade reduces the overall weight, while providing a balanced feel.

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