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Voted the Best New Saltwater Soft Bait at the 2023 ICAST show for good reason, an innovative top hook line-through harness, true-to-life mullet profile, photo printed realism, and 10X Tough ElaZtech® construction set the Mulletron LT apart from other saltwater swimbaits. Powered by a wedge-shaped tail that presents a fluid, natural swimming motion, the bait slides up the line after the hook set and enables the custom heavy-duty sickle-style hooks to stay pinned during even the most aggressive head shakes, jumps, and tail walks.


About this product


Z-Man’s first hyper realistic line-through swimbait, the Mulletron LT features another ElaZtech® breakthrough: incredibly-detailed, photo-print baitfish patterning. Equipped with a reinforced top line-through harness, the Mulletron LT slides effortlessly up the line after a hookset, erasing the fish’s ability to leverage lure weight to throw hooks. The result is a livebait-like lure with inconceivable hookset and landing percentages. Rounded, wedge-shaped tail activates lure’s realistic swimming action at all retrieve speeds, including extra slow for sluggish fish. Custom, heavy-duty 3/0 (4.5”) and 5/0 (6”) black nickel, sickle hooks bolster strength, penetration and hookset-to-land ratio. Balanced, weighted lure harness combines with buoyant ElaZtech material combine to optimize lure’s natural upright posture while swimming or resting on bottom. Soft yet resilient ElaZtech greatly extends life of lure, even after repeated strikes from aggressive saltwater gamefish. Two sizes, a 4.5-inch (3/4-once) and 6-inch (1-3/4-ounce), each offer a moderately fast rate-of-fall. Available in six fine-tuned baitfish patterns for various water and light conditions.



  • Ultra-realistic mullet profile offered in highly detailed hand-painted and photo-printed color schemes
  • Reinforced top line-through harness allows bait to slide up line following the hookset, eliminating fish from using weight of bait for leverage to throw hooks
  • Rounded wedge-shaped tail provides realistic swimming action at a wide range of speeds, including extremely slow retrieves
  • Constructed from 10X Tough ElaZtech® material to withstand repeated strikes from aggressive saltwater gamefish
  • Custom heavy-duty 3/0 (4.5”) and 5/0 (6”) sickle-shaped black nickel needlepoint hooks offer the perfect balance of strength and penetration and an excellent hook-to-land ratio
  • Perfectly balanced weighted harness and buoyant superplastic material allows the lure to maintain and upright posture on the slowest retrieves, on the fall, and even at rest on the bottom
  • Moderate sink rate, 4.5” total casting weight is 3/4 oz (1/4 oz internal lead weight), 6” total casting weight is 1-3/4 oz (3/4 oz internal lead weight)
  • Painted eyes outlast glue-on eyes most commonly found on large swimbaits
  • Available in six color patterns tuned for a variety of water and light conditions


Mulletron Graphic 2024

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