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Durability of the logo on the hockey puck

• Please note that while we make every effort possible to ensure the maximum durability of our pucks, using custom pucks for game play will result in damage to the logo. The abrasive surface of the ice, intense compression from slapshots, skate blades, and a myriad of other factors make for an incredibly damaging environment.

• The level of play at which the pucks are used will also affect the length of time a logo will last on a puck. It is often noted that during an NHL game, a logo will only last 4-6 minutes on a puck before coming off completely. 

• Because of the wide range of environments and conditions any given puck may face, we cannot guarantee how long a custom puck can be used for game play before its logo displays damage.


There is no Minimum order but we do Offer Bulk Discounts

1-20 Pucks $10.00

21-50 Pucks $9.00

50+ Pucks $8.00

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