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Level of Play :

  • Performance

Construction :

  • Anatomical dual-layer base jacket
  • Anatomical 3D design and construction so protection to stays close to the body.

Caps :

  • JDP shoulder caps with D30 Smart Material
  • Pro level cap construction designed to disperse the force of impact away from shoulders with D3O® impact and shock absorption technology.

Torso :

  • Molded PE foam base and removable belly pad
  • Great kidney coverage and removable belly pad for added protection, comfort, and fit.

Biceps :

  • Customizable bicep adjustment
  • Custom comfort fit and elite level protection

Sternum :

  • Molded PE floating sternum with D30 Smart Material
  • Elite PE foam combined D3O® impact and shock absorption technology for elite sternum protection.

Spine :

  • Floating Molded PE spine
  • High level of protection, comfort, and increase in mobility.

Liner :

  • Comfort base jacket and Mesh Liner
  • Designed for maximum airflow and mobility to keep the player dry, cool, and keep the product lightweight.
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