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Workout Routine for Field Hockey Players

Workout Routine for Field Hockey Players

Workout Routine for Field Hockey Players

Well-rounded field hockey players have well-rounded workouts. Strength, conditioning, and recovery all need to play a role when training for the season. To prepare for your upcoming season, use the tips below to get into elite physical fitness.

Strength Training

Weight Training is important for increasing your muscle strength. Field Hockey players need to be physically strong when competing on the field. If you don't have access to a gym or weights, bodyweight workouts will do the trick! Incorporating exercises that strengthen your entire body is important. Squats, glute bridges, and lunges are good exercises to include when building a strong lower body base. When working on your upper body, push-ups and triceps dips are great to add to your routine.


Field Hockey players need to have high levels of endurance to perform at an elite level. It is important when creating a conditioning workout to include both long-distance and interval training. Adding long-distance running or biking is a great way to build up the endurance to run back and forth on the field. Players should also include interval training to increase their quickness on the field. Field Hockey games are 70 minutes long and require athletes to be quick and agile. Interval sprint training is the best way to achieve this quickness for any athlete. To keep your workouts fun, alternate your workouts between long-distance training and interval circuits.


Every field hockey player needs a day of rest. After putting your body through 5-6 days of strain, take a day of rest. This rest is beneficial for you and your game! If you never allow your body to recover, you will not be able to see the benefits of your hard work. Also, you don’t want to overdo it and be unable to play at full potential.