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Way's To Give Back This Holiday Season

Way's To Give Back This Holiday Season

This year has been tough for all of us. But some of us have had it worse than others. Here a few things you can do to give back this holiday season. We all understand some people may not be able to give back this year and that’s okay. But if you can it’s always a nice idea to give back. Here are a few ways that you can help our community.

Volunteer for the Salvation Army

Kids are used to seeing the Salvation Army red kettles and people ringing bells at stores. Talk to them about how that money is used to help others and encourage them to set aside some of their money to donate. If possible, you may want to take a shift yourself and have your child help you collect donations.

Help another family out Family

We do this every Christmas and the girls love it. Beyond purchased items, this could be donating items from your closet and toy chest or buying new things. This can take a lot of stress off one family! All you have to do is reach out and someone will help you find a family in need.

Make Christmas Treats and Visit House-Bound Neighbors

Do you have any neighbors, family members, or friends who can’t get around well? Bake some holiday treats for them and invite your children to help you deliver the goodies. Spend the afternoon or evening with them playing cards or games or just simply visiting with one another. Also, see if they need help with anything that your kids can do for them. This year is a bit different, but you can still deliver goodies and talk to them from a distance.

Buy Presents to Donate to Toys for Tots

Not every child will receive a Christmas present this year, which is heartbreaking. If you can all you have to do is buy a gift and drop it off. Lot’s of places in the city have toy drive drop-offs. This helps kids in need get to experience Christmas.

Donate a Bedtime Story

One of my fondest memories is reading bedtime stories. Sadly, not every family has access to books. First Book gives children in need new books to keep and cherish. The simple act of reading a story together is such a powerful, bonding act that I want every child and parent to experience. 

Collect Food for Your Local Food Bank

Food Shelves often have greater demand than products and Christmas is an especially busy time for them. Call your local Food Bank and see what items are most needed. Consider hosting or arranging a food drive at your workplace or neighborhood to help replenish their shelves in time for the holidays.

Support a Local Fundraiser

Do some online research and see which local charities or organizations are hosting fundraisers during December. Select one that means something to your family and support it — as a participant, volunteer, or donating goods and/or cash.

Shop with Purpose

Make a point to patronize stores that donate a portion of their profits to charities as another way to help those in need. It’s a win-win to help people less fortunate while supporting businesses that helping your local community and beyond.