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The perfect outdoor rink.

The perfect outdoor rink.

  1. You need space

While the size of the rink can change depending on how much room you need or how much space you have. Having the right kind of backyard is also important. A level year is perfect, you can still make a rink without your yard being level it just might be a little bit more difficult. If you live on a hill it might also be hard to build something to make it level. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

  1. Building the rink

Frame it out almost like a sandbox. A big square most people enjoy 12 by 12 metres, but you can go bigger or smaller just depends on what you want. Unfortunately, Outdoor skating rinks threatened by climate change. Once the walls are built, fill the bottom with tarps of the empty rink before preparing to fill the space with water. Tarps aren’t always necessary, pointing out that most municipalities make the ice directly on grass or asphalt.

  1. Making the ice

Basically, you create a small pool over your tarps. All you have to do is put some water than let it freeze than do it again and again creating layers. This can take up to a full day to complete ut you don’t want to rush it, this is the most important step. Smaller rinks would take less time to fill. And depending on the incline of your yard you might even need a bit more water at the end to level it all out. You want cold temperatures to help keep the rink solid, but you don't want snow. Having the right temperatures is essential to getting a smooth surface. The ideal temperature for freezing the ice is – 15 C.


  1. Maintaining the rink

Once the ice is frozen some work has to go into keeping the rink in peak condition. Every time it snows, you have another driveway to shovel. You better have a strong back if you're shovelings a 40-by-40-foot rink all the time. Or you can also use a snow blower just make sure the ice is frozen and you aren’t going to ruining all your hard work. Weather conditions affect the rink, too! Freezing rain has to be chipped off or made flat. Giving the rink a fresh coat of water 15 to 20 minutes after use, is always a good idea to keep ice level good.