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Article number: WIL_A1KRB16B2

Built for players who prefer a tighter fitting glove with pro-level performance, the A1K glove series features Pro Stock Patterns with a Pedroia Fit. When Dustin Pedroia needed a glove that fit differently than the A2K & A2000, Wilson designed the Pedroia Fit for him, which has a smaller hand opening, shorter finger stalls, and a low profile heel pad that provides optimal feel. This A1K ball glove is available for players in every position.


Also, the A1K series is made with a Fastbreak Construction, which is where the best glove craftsmen get their hands on quality leather and build a glove that offers performance and a faster break-in period. 


A1K Ball Glove Features: 

  • Fastbreak Construction
  • Pro Stock Patterns
  • Pedroia Fit
  • Black & Metallic Logos
  • 11.75" Outfield Pattern (Good For Pitchers As Well)
  • Closed 2-Piece Web
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